Nasra Light, the former ' Habib Nasra et fils' has been in the lighting business since 1939. Established initially in the commercial center of Beirut, in the famous 'Place Debbas', the establishement has been a highly credible reference in the chandelier business in Lebanon. Today, Nasra Light is located in Sin El Fil-Rond Point Hayek-Gedco Center - Ground floor ( Near Samaha Sanitary).

A wide choice of chandeliers is offered to suit all possible tastes and styles. Both Modern and classical chandeliers are exhibited with the best cristal quality and sourcing. Besides the chadeliers and the various lighting accessories 'Nasra Light' is as well in the furniture accessories business whereby wall mirrors, central tables, and antique artistic objects could be found. Most of the articles exhibited are imported from Italy particularly from the fashion and design centers of Milan, Venice and Florence.

Nasra Light has been renown over the generations for its excellent price/ quality offer on the Lebanese Market for lighting; As well as for its wide choice of models and wide choice of budgets. The management of Nasra Light is constantly updated to the newest fashions introduced in the lighting industry, mainly through the continuous attendance of the major fairs occuring in Europe particularly the 'Macef' fair in Milan.

Over and above the retail business, 'Nasra Light' acts as well as a distributing agent to other lighting institutions in Lebanon, which somehow explains the Excellent prices offered, rendered possible by the high chandelier business volume.

The after sales services further distinguish Nasra Light whereby the chandeliers are delivered and installed in the esclusif houses without any additional fee.

Nasra Light will always have a major advantage which is the trust it has built over the years through serving its clients with honesty and exeptional service, which guarantees the success of this institution over the generations, from the father to the son.